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The Biggin & Scott senior management team is both professional and reputable, with extensive marketing, retail and sales experience across small, medium and large sized businesses. Great importance is placed on branding, teamwork and a strong culture that sets us apart from competitors.

We are a young, growing company with the momentum and confidence to expand our presence on a national scale. We believe that our franchise opportunity is an exciting one that will establish Biggin & Scott as Australia’s Number 1 Real Estate Brand. We would love for passionate, committed, driven and positive people to join us as franchise partners!

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Open a Biggin & Scott office

You may be:

A top performing agent looking to go to the next step

An existing office looking for a brand change

An existing business person looking to enter the real estate industry as an owner.

If you are passionate, hard-working, awesome at leading people, and love interacting with customers, keep reading. Opportunities exist NATIONALLY!

If you are seriously considering becoming part of our family, please read this section carefully. It should help inform you on the major points of discussion and answer many of your questions.

What do I need to become a Biggin & Scott franchise partner?

Passion, drive, energy and excellent customer service, leadership and communication skills. You also need to have a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard as an owner / manager and to follow the Biggin & Scott guidelines and systems. A background in real estate / business / hospitality and previous business management experience are ideal but not essential. Of course, you also need to have access to the required funds (minimum $250,000 plus GST) to set up and Run a Biggin & Scott franchise in the first 12 months.

Am I required to work in the office?

Yes. We believe that the most successful franchises are those which are run by the actual owner of the office. This arrangement ensures that the franchise partner fully understands every aspect of the Biggin & Scott operation. The Biggin & Scott franchise opportunity is suited only to those people who want to be actively involved in managing their office and do not see it as a passive investment opportunity.

What do I get?

Becoming part of the Biggin& Scott franchise family is a great opportunity to run your own business while being part of an established network. Benefits include the potential to earn strong returns via a proven and profitable business model; the ability to leverage the strength of the Biggin & Scott brand and purchasing power; ongoing training, operations and marketing support and access to Biggin & Scott intellectual property and systems. In addition to these benefits, we hope you will have some fun and enjoy being part of the Biggin & Scott team!

What is covered in the initial investment?

The initial investment is expected to range from approximately $250,000 (plus GST) per office. The actual cost will be dependent on a number of factors including the office size, location and condition. This investment delivers a turn-key franchise operation, including costs such as office selection and complete shop fit-out to our stringent quality standards, equipment, working capital, initial administration and security deposits and a one-off Franchise Fee.

What about ongoing fees?

A royalty is payable by all franchisees. This ensures the provision of ongoing operational support and marketing of the Biggin & Scott brand.

Can I own a franchise with a business partner?

Biggin & Scott encourages partnership arrangements and will consider spouse and sibling arrangements on an individual basis.

Can I own more than one Biggin & Scott office?

Possibly? We expect that our most successful franchise partners will be likely to own more than one office once they have proven themselves and their performance at their initial office. Applications to become a multi-site operator will be assessed on an individual basis.

How are locations assessed?

Biggin & Scott carries out research on potential sites and receives advice prior to entering into lease negotiations to ensure that franchise partners are privy to prime locations in suitable areas. Franchise partners are not obligated to accept proposed sites and should conduct their own site evaluations before signing the Franchise Agreement. Of course, they are also welcome to suggest potential sites for Biggin & Scott to consider.

What is the process to become a franchise partner?

Refer above to the Steps to Getting a Biggin & Scott Franchise.

What is unique about the Biggin & Scott franchise offer?

A proven, scalable business model to run a highly profitable residential real estate sales and property management business.

– Standardised financial reporting with benchmarks
– Different stages of business growth
– Start up, slow growth, rapid growth, maturity and decline

Succession plan
– Sell downs
– Sell outs
– Pushing up people (assistant to salesperson to sales manager to owner)

Recruitment and retention
– Clear measurement around people in the business i.e. so everyone knows what success looks like business and personal

Performance management
– From survive to thrive
– Thrive to business ownership

Biggin Scott – We Deliver…

External Customer:
– Shorter days on market
– Reduce your marketing costs
– Get you to sold

Internal Customer:
– Get you there quicker
– Have a clear career path map on how to grow people and your organisation

Why Open a Biggin & Scott Office? View videos to find out why.

Testimonial from Michael DeVincentis – Daylesford
Step 1. Read up!

Learn about Biggin& Scott by downloading our Franchise Pack for an overview on becoming a Franchise Partner.

Step 2. Register

Register your initial interest by emailing your contact details and a bit about yourself to, We will contact you by phone and have a general discussion. If we’re both comfortable to proceed after this discussion, we will issue an Information Request for you to complete.

Step 3. Apply

Complete the Information Request. After we receive your completed Information Request, we will review it and if you meet our criteria, we will arrange a suitable time for a first meeting.

Step 4. First Meeting

This is where we can get to know each other face-to-face (or at the very least, over Skype!). We’ll introduce Biggin & Scott and discuss the franchising opportunity in more detail. We’ll review the completed Information Request together and address any questions you may have. You will be required to bring along a signed Confidentiality Agreement to this meeting in order to receive some further information on Biggin & Scott.

Step 5. Second Meeting

This meeting brings Operations, Marketing and Human Resources specialists into one room. We can have a more detailed discussion about yourself and your suitability to become a Biggin & Scott franchisee and answer any questions that you may have.

Step 6. Financial Information

We will provide you with a Biggin & Scott Financial Information pack for you to consider. If both parties still want to proceed, we will arrange a suitable time for a final interview.

Step 7. Third meeting with Paul

This meeting will give you an insight into the future of Biggin & Scott. You can also discuss the financial information further, should you have more questions.

Step 8. Legal Documents and Homework

You will need several weeks to review the legal documentation and to receive independent advice. You will also have the opportunity at this point to meet with current franchise partners to get a sense of day to day life working at Biggin & Scott.

Step 9. Sign Up

Discussion on sites and what is coming up. This is it! Franchise documentation is signed and you will be required to pay either a portion of the Franchise Fee or the full amount, depending on availability of an appropriate site.

Step 10. Get Ready

Preparations begin to have you up and running in the agreed site i.e. office fit-out, training, etc.

Step 11. Go and Keep Going!

Office opening & further 2 weeks of training provided. Ongoing support to help optimise office performance and get the listings coming in!

The application process should take around 4-8 weeks. Timing of the entire process will of course be dependent on site availability or brand change over process sign off, but can take from 4-8 weeks to 3+ months.

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