Caleb Wong

Sales Executive

0405 056 860

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our Sales Executive, Caleb Wong. Caleb is a highly skilled professional of our sales department team at Biggin & Scott Boroondara. Motivated, with strong organisational and communication skills, and a stringent work ethic, Caleb brings a wealth of assets to his role as a Sales Executive in the Biggin & Scott Boroondara team. His combination of elite interpersonal understanding and unmatched enthusiasm brings forth an unparalleled level of service. With particular attention to the finest of details in whatever the task, Caleb strives to always provide the highest standard of service with a unique personalisation to whomever he meets. Caleb was always destined to be part of the real estate industry, having been exposed to the property world at a young age as a result of his father being a significant residential and commercial developer in Asia. Since then, Caleb has always taken a deep interest in the Australian property market and has aspirations to follow in the footsteps of his dad and thrive as a savvy sales agent and property developer. Caleb has spent much of his time living as a local in the City of Melbourne in addition to spending a decade of years in the area of Boroondara to complete the art of studying Property. Incredibly disciplined and well versed, he adores being part of the Biggin & Scott Boroondara office, and truly loves coming into work every day and enjoying the family-like relationship he has with his team members, who are all highly supportive and very knowledgeable. A competitive power lifter for many years in the Australian National Team, Caleb is also an avid automotive enthusiast and investor.

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