Sharmene Jurriaans

Property Manager

Sharmene is a member of our accomplished team of property managers at Biggin & Scott. Sharmene was accredited with her Real Estate License and certificate IV in Property Services at the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV). After years sharpening her skills in management roles and customer service roles, Sharmene has found her calling in real estate. Starting in reception, then progressing into a sales role for another Biggin & Scott office, Sharmene is well versed in multiple aspects of a real estate business. Sharmene has found her calling in Property Management and is excited to succeed alongside a dynamic and ambitious team at Port Melbourne. At Biggin & Scott, we offer highly specialized property management services and are experts in our field. As a property manager, Sharmene will enable the smooth day-to-day operations of your property and personally oversee all necessary arrangements are executed to maximise returns and minimise risks for your investment property. She is fully prepared to handle the intricacies of property management and is very confident that entrusting your property with Biggin & Scott will be one of the best decisions you make. In her client’s eyes, Sharmene is helpful, friendly and caring – always putting others before herself. Her clients have a high level of trust in the expertise she provides, and the enormous benefit they receive from it. Sharmene is very determined to stand out from the crowd, she is motivated to succeed and isn’t afraid to show the Australian real estate market what she is made of. Outside of the office, Sharmene loves spending time with her family and friends, carefully creating meals she knows they will love. During the long, hot summer months, the open road beckons her as she loves embarking on new adventures, exploring, and testing her limits. If you own a property that’s suitable for leasing, congratulations, you are already leveraging one of your biggest investments. If you’d like to maximize the return on your investment and minimize the stress of managing the day to day operations, simply give Sharmene a call and she’ll take care of the rest. Although she is an expert in rental property management, at the end of the day, what Sharmene really offers you is more time to spend with your loved ones. Give Sharmene a call 03 8671 3704 and relax as your monthly rental income appears in your account each month.

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