Liz Martin

Property Manager

0498 999 266

Proactive, professional and on a steady rise of promotions, Liz Martin is an exceptional member of the Biggin Scott Port Melbourne team, receiving an award that acknowledges her outstanding representation of all that we value. You’ll instantly recognise Liz with her NZ accent, effortlessly welcoming and actively listening to ensure the ultimate in landlord-tenant relations and service.

Liz is an astute property manager with a thirst for knowledge and focus that’s evident in her diligence to understand issues at hand and adapting as required with well researched and organised win-win solutions. She’s an exceptionally hard worker, strategically furthering her own education, with a clear vision of her career path.

An empathetic highly skilled communicator in any setting, with an engaging sense of humour and a genuine smile, Liz has quickly earnt the respect of her clients, Biggin Scott management and her peers.

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