Michelle Page

Operations Manager

03 9828 4502


Michelle is responsible for establishing, promoting and maintaining the company’s brand. She develops strategies and executes tactics that communicate the company’s brand message. She works with the agents, to establish a high profile for the franchisees.

As Marketing Manager, she oversees all communications, public relations and promotional activities to support the brand and marketing strategy. This includes design, production and distribution of print materials such as brochure templates, ad templates, company brochures, Monthly corporate branded drops, etc. In line with the need to keep the brand in front of the target audience, she is responsible for special events and charity activities. Website maintenance, social media participation also sits under Michelle’s marketing umbrella.

Michelle is always staying informed about marketing trends and monitoring industry changes which helps maintain the franchisees competitiveness.

Michelle has over 10 years of marketing experience in the Real Estate industry. While not usually required, she also has another 10 years of real estate background and exposure to understand the offices real estate needs. This background includes many years of property management, trust accounts and sales administration.

Michelle is able to juggle multiple projects at once in a fast-paced work environment. She is organised with strong customer-service, writing and presentation skills, has technical proficiency in a variety of software programs, including those integral to desktop publishing and website maintenance.

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