Pamela Andrews

Administrative Assistant

03 8671 3777

Having spent the last 13 months in the Real Estate industry, Pamela has swiftly made a name for herself and cemented her status as a thoroughly disciplined and courteous worker. Wholeheartedly admired by both colleagues and clients alike, Pamela is known to be of generous spirit, and exercises highly commendable customer service acumen.

What sets Pamela apart from the crowd is her genuine desire to deliver the best customer experience possible, done in an affable manner that is both effective and proficient; being tailored to suit the specific needs of clients.

Mother of 3 and grandmother of 2, Pamela has resided for the last 12 years in her workplace locality Port Melbourne, giving her a sound knowledge of the area and surrounding suburbs along Port Phillip. Her expertise of these areas and local community comprehension make her a fine addition to the Biggin & Scott Team at Port Melbourne, and a fountain of knowledge for both staff and clients alike.

Pamela has continuously displayed a keen interest in developing the communal success of Biggin & Scott Port Melbourne, through actively engaging in both clients and colleagues,
and assiduously seeking to expand her already sound knowledge of both the industry and business.

Her genuinely caring and pragmatic demeanor make for a wonderful work college, coupled with a strong work ethic, rigor and affable nature that have made her a certified hit among clients as their first port of call.

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