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0434 863 779

Fully licensed real estate agent Rob Foster has been involved in the real estate industry for over 17 years and has owned properties both as a home owner and a landlord. ‘Selling a home has the potential to be a stressful experience but there’s no reason that it has to be'. To be effective at selling real estate involves more than just advertising online and waiting for the buyers to come. A challenging market calls for solutions; the ‘Rob Foster method’ involves proactively seeking out buyers, ascertaining the buyer’s genuine needs and physically taking buyers to those homes. This is how houses were sold in the ‘pre-digital’ era and this is how we’re selling them again, it’s all about service. Rob enjoys meeting people and is known for being tenacious, honest and approachable. In his spare time, he enjoys jogging, going to the gym and catching up with family and friends. Looking for an agent who’ll go the extra mile, who’ll put in the extra effort, who’ll provide you with the proper feedback and who’ll be true to their word? Then call Rob Foster on 0434 863 779.

Personal Service, Local Knowledge We chose Rob to market our family home of over fifty years after interviewing him and representatives of other agencies. Rob's down to earth manner set him apart from some others we interviewed. We had met Rob previously when he was leaflet dropping properties in our street and had immediately liked his personable approach and commitment to working locally. Our expectations were fully realised by Rob's professionalism in informing us of and advising us on the selling process, his excellent communication in keeping us appraised of developments, and his lessening the stress of the selling process for us by obtaining a very speedy sale.

Great service. Prompt response to queries. Sincere and kind nature made it easy express my concerns. I had never sold a home before having been resident in my home for 52 years so you can understand my apprehension when it came time for me to move. From our first meeting, I felt that I had a good team on my side and that all would be well. Rob stayed in contact more than I expected and was understanding of my reservations about certain things. He gave that extra bit of expertise, the extra time and really worked hard for me to achieve the best outcome, often reminding me of things that needed to be sorted to advance the sale. If Rob said he would do something then it was done. I trusted him and my trust was not misplaced. I am pleased to recommend Rob to any other folks as they take the journey into or out of the property market.

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