Suki Tong

Senior Property Consultant

0433 806 065

Suki Tong is a highly motivated young sales professional with strong ethics and complete dedication to customer satisfaction.
Suki is a local resident who has intimate knowledge of Melbourne's southeast property market. Her insights on property market trend, local amenities, demographics, neighbourhood characteristics and preference are some of her highly sought-after skills, which will be of great assistance to both vendors and buyers.
Having a good grasp in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, Suki has great skills in communicating and negotiating in the language you feel most comfortable with. Her eyes for details and strong focus in meeting customers’ needs and expectations will give both vendors and buyers peace of mind.
Suki is very enthusiastic and committed in her work. Her warm approach in customer service, open communication in all aspects of enquiries and can-do attitude ensure satisfactions in every property transactions.
A well-liked person with large social network and extensive professional contacts, Suki is more than happy to lend a helping hand whenever you have any property related issues from financing, tenancy to repairs and maintenance.
Suki is also well-versed in property development and vacant land acquisition.

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