Houses for Sale Brunswick

Our dedicated “Inner North” team have been working within the local area since the days when it was Melbourne’s affordable hidden gem. Now a thriving city district with its own distinct character, the appeal of suburbs like Brunswick, Fitzroy North, and Carlton is impossible to ignore.

Though securing an investment property or convenient city home within this sought-after area may seem a tall order, Biggin & Scott’s Inner North team keep the books filled with a constant rotation of select houses for sale. Brunswick renters wanting to make a more permanent home within the area will find that we have apartments, townhouses, and even compact family homes within our Inner North portfolio.

If you are searching high and low for houses for sale ‘near me’ in Brunswick, Fitzroy or any of the surrounding suburbs why not get in touch with your local Biggin & Scott office today? Enjoy the live music, craft-beers and multicultural fare of one of our city’s most exciting suburbs.

Whatever your requirements for the ideal home, from affordable to upmarket, compact and low maintenance to surprisingly generous floor plans, all of these and more are available within the Inner North area. Whether you require proximity to local schools, public transport or historic Lygon Street, our agents have the local knowledge and industry experience to find the house you’ll love to come home to.